Thursday, February 18, 2010


The October snow on the north side of the buildings has not melted. Occasionally it has turned slushy but the drop in the overnight temperatures quickly turns it into long, narrow streams of ice, treacherous and tricky to walk on. Even Duncan, usually majestic as he bounds down The Run, has slipped and skidded off balance.

As usual he could hardly contain his excitement this morning when he awoke to discover a white world, powdery and light, perfect for rolling in, for turning on his side and pushing himself down the hill like the shaggy red sled he imagines himself to be. I am not fond of winter and see little use for snow after the holidays, but it brings my dog such tremendous joy that even I can be coaxed into a snow angel or two, or even sliding on my back over Duncan's trails.


Olive said...

Duncan looks so happy to see snow :)

great video...

Licks and Tail wags--

Olive :)

Sue said...

He looks like he is in heaven!