Sunday, February 21, 2010

Monday Coming

If you were to ask my mother she would tell you I am notoriously bad at change. My friends would tell you the same thing. And while they wouldn't be exaggerating, I don't quite agree as much as I once did. This past year has been full of changes and while I am the first to admit it hasn't always been easy, I would insist I've come out far better than many would've expected.

Monday I begin my first day at a new job. I have spent the past eight and a half years working in the bookstore at Arapahoe Community College in a job that was not exactly what I would call Curt-like. Quite often I wondered what heinous atrocity I'd committed in a past life that had earned me such a difficult and relentless punishment. But even though I loathed much of what I did there I grew fond of the people I worked with, somehow tolerated the smells coming from the cafeteria on the other side of the wall, and found a way to avoid prison time for reprisals against the laziest and most ignorant students I've ever had the displeasure of associating with. It was a grueling experience but last Wednesday as I left the building I couldn't help but wax sentimental. Yes, the people I worked with were truly a remarkable group and I will miss them terribly.

I will also miss the drive. The college was a mere seven minutes away from my home, except during snow storms when the drive could stretch into an hour long crawl. My new job is roughly forty-five minutes away, but it's a drive I did for six years before Ken and I moved to Littleton to be closer to our jobs. I know it well. But that extra hour and a half in the car each day will be time I don't get to spend at home with Roo and the cats, walking the park, chasing the geese, cuddling on the couch.

So I've been enjoying my time playing in the snow, watching Duncan tend to the busy work of being a dog. It can not be easy--all that unconditional love, the limitless enthusiasm, the tireless excitement of discovery and rediscovery. I am in awe of him, and tomorrow as I wind my way across Denver through the still-falling snow, I will relish the thought that he will be home waiting for me, ready to clock in and go to work.


Traci said...

Good luck at the new job!

Cheryl said...

You've come a long journey this year. As I told you today...I am very,very proud of you. I love you. mom

Jyoti said...

That looks so delicious, Duncan rolling in the snow.