Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vote for Hero's!

I'm counting on all my loyal readers to do me a favor for Chelsea, the owner of Hero's Pets, Duncan's favorite store. Hero's sells only top-of-the-line products, all organic and earth-friendly, manufactured by companies who are socially responsible and dedicated to providing only the best products for our animal companions. Chelsea is tireless at doing research and can answer just about any question posed to her. She has been one of Duncan's biggest fans, and I, in turn, try to do everything I can to encourage and bolster her business.

One of Denver's local news stations is holding a vote for the best business in Littleton and Hero's was nominated in the category of Pet Supplies. I know most of you don't live in our neck of the woods, but it would be wonderful if you could register to vote (it's quite simple and doesn't require anything of you!) and support Chelsea. The winner receives a ton of free publicity, which Hero's definitely deserves. When they ask for your zip code, simply use mine: 80123.

Please register and cast your vote here. It would mean the world to me. Additionally, it would be great if you visited her site and dropped her an email to let her know how important she's been in influencing Duncan's health and keeping his papa sane and happy. It's the least I can do for her after all the advice, education and love she's showered on Duncan and me.

Thank you!


Miley said...

Hi Curt and Duncan, just wanted to let you know I put in a vote for Hero's and dropped them an email!!!
Your very lucky to have a shop like that, what a great thing!!!
Good luck,

Sue said...

I voted for Hero's just now. I hope they win!

Lori said...

Voting! I manage a holistic veterinary practice, for those of you who don't know me, and I visited Hero's last fall. There was NOT ONE THING there that we wouldn't recommend for our clients, and we're extremely picky!

ruth said...

I voted! I also copied most of the first paragraph of your post and pasted it into the "why are you recommending this joint" box. Plagiarism, yes, but for a good cause.

Ruby's Mum said...

We voted! Hero's is tying for 3rd place at the moment, so if you haven't voted yet, give it a go. You can vote more than once if you sign up for a different account ;)