Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Round Hole, Square Peg

Duncan has had a busy summer watching the bunnies which have erupted all over the hillside at the back of the park near offices where they store the old soccer and football goal posts. We've watched them grow from tiny little brussel sprout balls of fur into lean and lanky teens, who flirt and then run away. Recently, though a whole new batch of babies have appeared and Duncan took an interest in one this evening on our nightly walk, staring for nearly ten minutes, his tail only occasionally wagging, his jaw firmly shut, his tongued locked safely inside.

After the poor thing finally grew weary of all the attention it hopped into the narrow opening of one goal post and took refuge there while Duncan persisted in his fawning.

It took me nearly five minutes of coaxing to convince him it was time to move on, and then only with a handful of our new favorite organic grilled wild boar in pear sauce glaze treats by the Northern Biscuit Company. You should check them out!


David said...

Wild boar in pear sauce glaze???????? Sounds like something Sarah Palin might whip up for the kiddies on "Haute Cuisine On the Tundra Night". Scritches to Duncan! And the bunny!

Miley said...

Hi Duncan, I have bunnies near me too!!! They drive me crazy!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

lotsa licks,

Lori said...

Priceless! And you know, Dunc didn't want to EAT the bunny (unlike some of my boys)... he just wanted to lick it.