Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Known Name

As you can imagine, I've been thinking an awful lot about Gil and Pete and the threat they've become at the apartment complex where we live. It's been a difficult thing to deal with because I have a secret-- my landlords don't know I have a dog. Talking to them about The Gil Situation would mean a big confession on my part, a very high non-refundable pet deposit and a hefty increase in my rent, neither of which would be manageable this year. But I have to consider the safety of others, so I have read and reread the many comments posted on my last entry and have taken your words to heart. And after great deliberation I made my decision.

Yesterday was Rent Day so I stopped by the leasing office to drop off my check and to visit with Lealani, the woman who set up my lease and consoled me when things were rough last February. She's an incredible person, funny and smart, sensitive and warm, and of such a perfect height that draping an arm over her shoulder feels natural and easy. Sometimes after checking the mail I'll stop by the leasing office, not just for a piece of candy or the occasional cookie, but to sit for a few minutes and talk with her, to laugh and smile.

She was standing in the door as though she'd been waiting for me, a wide smile spread across her face. She peppered me with questions about my trip home, the high school reunion, Ken, but when she saw the look on my face she knew something was wrong and pulled me into the back room to talk about it. I don't like feeling like a narc, but I also value not being afraid when we walk, so I told her about Gil and Pete's blatant hostility toward my request. Lealani was shocked, asked if Duncan was okay and then told me she'd never heard of Gil. I was unable to tell her which apartment they lived in but told her where they roam. She shook her head and because she lives on property, told me the next time I see them off leash I am to knock on her door and bring her along so she can witness it and deal with it "in [her] own special way."

The best part is that at this point my rent isn't changing and all is well. And Duncan's name is known.


Sue said...

You must feel a huge sense of relief. Good decision, and not an easy one. You've done the right thing, not only for you and Duncan, but for everyone who might encounter the monsters.

I'm proud of you.

Lori said...

See, sometimes things DO work out for nice guys! I'm so glad! How much you wanna bet that Pete never "claimed" Gil, either? You are clearly valued as a good tenant, so you're not being penalized.

(And? Duh. I knew about the "Dunc is incognito" thing. Forgot.)

Miguel said...

Hurray! Sounds like things are headed in the right direction. It must be a load off your mind to be above board and legal now with the complex -- but it sounds like the other guy was keeping his dog a secret too?

Greg said...

I'm so glad to hear you've had something positive happen from this. I hope you will remain extra vigilante for your own sake, as well as our dear Duncan's. This Pete fellow sounds like trouble of the highest order (I couldn't be more surprised to hear he's actually picking up Gil's poo...)

Are Winnie and Pip still secret?

caboval said...

Oh Im so glad your secret is out!!! That kind of thing can eat at you! And Im sure she is going to fall in love with Duncan. Anyway glad things are on track for her to see the "monster" and be able to deal with it! Way to go Curt! Hugs Joey and Kealani

Miley said...

Wow, what courage that must have take, you should be so proud of yourself, I'm sure Duncan is!!! Can't wait to see what happens when she encounters the monster!!!


Charlie said...

Good job, Curt!