Monday, November 26, 2007

Yo-Curt with Rice and Beef

Duncan has endured two days with a nasty belly, so tonight, for the third straight meal I've served him steamed rice, beef and some of my cure-all Yo-Curt homemade yogurt, which takes all of about thirty seconds for him to eat. I may have found the one thing he loves more than snow.

At this rate, after three meals of the stuff, I may have a difficult time convincing him to get better and return to his regular diet. Kelly envisioned it best: this time next year he'll be so used to the good food that he'll get his own table at Thanksgiving dinner, complete with bib and party hat.

Here's to hoping we wrap up this particular holiday gift soon!

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Erik said...

Homemade yogurt? Sounds good. Wanna share, neighbor? :)