Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Word came from Chelsea at Hero's Pets that Duncan is in 2nd place in the Halloween costume voting contest. There are still several days of voting left, so think good thoughts for us. He was a real sport about the whole thing, but he didn't like the jacket–it was hard to walk–but he had no problems wearing the goggles. Duncan's a natural. All we need now is the motorcycle and sidecar and we can take our show on the road.


Ruth said...

Make sure the sidecar has a padded seat for that bony butt of yours!

Curt Rogers said...

Um, I believe if you look at that picture I posted a couple days back you'll notice I'm leaning toward big, fat blobdom! There's no fear of my bony butt!

Kevi said...

Duncan's costume is strikingly similar to a teddy bear that your mother geve Elijah...jacket, goggles and all.