Thursday, September 20, 2012


While I have never been shy about my politics (see the entirety of Fall 2008 or visit my Facebook page any moment of the day for the latest zinger), Duncan has never really announced his. In many ways we are opposites: I prefer to stay inside and mind my own business while Duncan loves nothing more than traipsing through the outdoors sticking his nose in any and all business he can find; while I am steadfastly nonathletic, Duncan is a bit of a jock, running every morning, bounding through the snow, swimming any chance he can get, doing anything and everything I've worked my entire life to avoid. Because of our differences I always sort of assumed he'd be a Republican (just to spite me, even though he's far too giving and compassionate), or worse, a "Libertarian" (as if such a thing really exists. It's like bisexuality, it's a myth that's perpetuated by chronic indecision. Make up your mind already!). 

So I was shocked this morning when he led me across the street, over the soccer fields and straight to the skate park, a place we hardly ever venture near. He had one of those purposeful looks on his face, ignoring the tall clumps of grass where the last traces of discarded food remains from last weekend's Summerset festival. He was a dog with a mission and he wouldn't stop until he'd taken me where he had to take me. And then once we arrived I completely missed what it was I was supposed to be looking at. I was focused, instead, on the man riding the giant mower which kept coming closer and closer, and the hoodlums who'd chosen to skip school in favor of a morning spent on their boards. But Duncan, ever patient and persistent, barked once and wagged his tail to get me to turn in his direction and finally spy what it was he wanted to show me.

And there it was. He was coming out as a good and decent Democrat, a believer in the power of the people (all people, not just some of them).

I couldn't have been more proud.

How could I not love a dog with such a clear message for his papa?


Marie said...

This. Is. Awesome.

Good boy, Duncan, good boy. I hope you get some frosty paws and special treats for this.

FinleytheWestie said...

I respect differences of opinion, political, religious... I do not respect defacing property and obscenities directed at any political candidates. That you would choose to champion such by featuring it on your blog... well, I find it very regretful. True tolerance to me means respecting others.

David said...

What I find "regretful" is that Mr. Romney, Mr. Ryan and the Republicans are attempting to "deface" the lives of minorities by depriving them of basic rights, including the right to marry and the right to vote. For those millions, "tolerance" is an obsolete, condescending and insulting word. Let's try acceptance.
Let's try equality. That ought to cut down on all that unsightly, impolite, angry graffiti.

Charlie said...

Go Duncan!

Rick said...

I was kind of hoping Duncan was bipartisan. ;)

Kitty said...

If you like that profane graffiti, you'll love this:

Curt Rogers said...

I didn't know anyone still used the word "profane." How religulous of you.