Monday, June 18, 2012

My Magic Feathers

Yesterday afternoon, after six weeks of collecting feathers sent in by readers from across the country and around the world, all in preparation for my trip to Buffalo on Wednesday night, Duncan finally drew the winning name out of the hat.

And here, at last, is what he drew:

Henry and Thomas are the sons of April, one of the most beautiful people I have ever had the pleasure of calling a friend. It is no surprise that her sons, whom I've only met once, are just as lovely as their mother. They are smart, incredibly funny, sensitive, full of life, and I am very happy Duncan chose their names from the long list of remarkable and generous people who joined together to support me on my journey.

The only trouble is they don't have a dog. April wrote in her card that Henry wants a bulldog named Cedar and Thomas wants a little white dog he can call Hannah. Taking that into consideration I decided that while I was unable to provide them with real dogs, I could send them the next best thing. So here's what they will be receiving in the mail later this week, hopefully on the very day I depart for New York.

The box is loaded with candy, Starbursts and Kit Kats, because they're their favorites, superhero coloring books, colored pencils (because I was afraid crayons would melt in this heat), thank-you cards, and of course, a bulldog for Henry and a spotted white dog for Thomas. They're not the real thing but I figure they can practice and perhaps one day their parents will break down and get them a dog, perhaps a little white bulldog. After all, a boy without a dog is like summer without the sun.

Thank you all for participating in my contest, but mostly for showing me how much you believe in me. And please join me in congratulating Henry and Thomas. They gave me far more than I was able to give them.


Finn said...

Woohoo! Congrats to these guys! You should post a picture of all your feathers before you go!

Jyoti said...

That warms my heart. Duncan knows what he's doing when he picks a winner.

Sue said...

That is super cool! Why am I not surprised. YOU are super cool! Have a fantastic trip!!

Sue and the gang

Greg said...

Justice League coloring book FTW!

Berts Blog said...

yeah Duncan, Excellent choice. And Curt, have a safe trip.

Marie said...

You are so wonderful!

I didn't send you a feather, for which I feel badly about. However, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers while you take this journey. I pray for no panic attacks for you, and a safe, smooth, and empowering trip.