Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bad Dream

Winnie was on my hip, where she spends most of every night, her weight soft and warm, her nose tucked into a curled paw. Ken was sleeping next to me, his arm wrapped around Pip, whose purrs nearly matched the snores from his dad. The apartment was silent except for the jangle of ice cubes dropping from the maker in the freezer.

I don't remember the dream but it was terrible enough to jerk me out of sleep, disturbing Winnie, who tensed and lifted her head. The light coming from the lunette above our windows danced across her whiskers and caught her eyes as she watched me, waiting for me to settle back down into more pleasant dreams. My body was rigid and hot and weighted down by the single sheet pulled over me. I took a deep breath trying to calm the tears that felt close to bubbling up and spilling down my cheeks. The nightmare was gone but the fear remained. I laid a long time in the dark, turning over onto my belly, slowly so as not to disturb Bean, who had already dropped her nose down into her paw and was breathing deeply.

Sleep was not coming, not until I heard Duncan shift in his bed, climb out of his kennel, stretch once and then jump up at the foot of the bed. He moved carefully between Ken and me, careful of the cats and Ken, and laid down, his body a long warm pillow between us. He laid down and licked my shoulder, slipping a warm paw across the small of my back. He licked again, quietly and with great care, and rested his head on me, squeezing me with one paw and continued to lick until the feeling passed and sleep took me again.

It is good to know I am watched over and guarded, safe at all hours.


Lori said...


Brody and Darwin never come up on the bed at night. Sometimes Darwin does for afternoon naps. But when Ripley climbed up in the same manner Duncan did, his first move was to put his back to me, and push with his paws in a clear attempt to force Tom from the bed. :-)

Finn said...

That is a great feeling. It's funny isn't it? This past week, one night I woke up at 2am and stayed awake until about 4. A few minutes after I stirred, a certain doggie came downstairs and kept me company the whole time I was awake. Never alone...

Berts Blog said...

Why oh why are you having bad dreams my friend?

Thank goodenss for the heart of a golden to chase away unwanted and dark ordeals.


Oh Curt, this is beautiful!
I am constantly in awe of these beautiful blessings called a DOGS - each one a "'God', back to front".
The first few minutes of my dawn was the same this morning(without the nightmare)...and I lay for a long time, just taking in that gentle, calming canine spirit who knew I needed him.
What a blessing from the universe! If this blessing is indeed from the universe, we will never be alone.
Lots of love,