Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Afternoon Rain

It was sunny and calm and warm all day, not too hot and perfect for strolling through the long grass in the sweet-smelling shade of The Run. The sky was blue and calm until Duncan was ready for our evening walk, sidling up to me from where I worked on the couch, raising his eyebrows, flapping his rudder of a tail and smiling in that way of his. I'd no sooner grabbed the leash and was filling my pockets with treats and bags when the first roll of thunder shook the apartment. Five minutes later the sky was nearly black, the Lindens outside my window were swaying and deep rivers of water were rolling down the windows.

It was nearly an hour later before we could step outside. Ken was home by then and the mosquitoes had come out in thick clouds. They hovered around him, pricking his arms, getting him twice on the neck, favoring him over Duncan and myself. But Duncan was happy to have the two of us with him and I think Ken thought a few bites were nothing in exchange for a nice quiet walk.

Few things are better.

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Finn said...

We had a lot of rain here too yesterday, I love it in the middle of the summer like that. Look at that wind!