Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Duncan has spent many a morning sitting in the window near my desk looking down on the yard and the bunnies who roost in the hedges there. Sometimes Winnie will join him and the two will pass the time together content but silent. Winnie claims not to like Duncan, but every now and then when she thinks I'm not looking I'll catch her nuzzling him, or running her cheek across one of his paws.

I take no great pleasure in the snow myself. I am not a skier, I do not snowshoe and it's been years since I built a snowman. I am one hundred percent Summer and need to be coaxed and prodded to spend any time outside in the snow. Duncan, however, can't get enough of it. We're polar opposites in this regard, so to speak. This morning I caught him staring longingly out the window, but the moment he heard me he turned, leapt up, did his chirping, butt wiggle dance and pleaded with me to take him out.

Being a good papa I did, but I didn't enjoy it as much as he did. And the cold has made me feel older than I did just last night. Spring can't come fast enough.


jiorji said...

heheh animals are so funny!! getting so excited about nothing. Duncan, there was snow last year too, buddy! ;P

ps. don't eat the yellow snow ok?

Sierra Rose said...

Ohhhhhhh Duncan! We need to work on your papa!! We love the snow over here...have to drive a few hours to find it....but it can be magical. Can you find him a nice warm hat, coat and boots....hand warmers.... We prommise that this season can be fun!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kissies,
Sierra Rose

Marty said...

Duncan and Dakota would have the greatest of fun. Dakata thinks snow should be year round and never go away. She runs, head down using her long snout to form tunnels all over the back yard. We don't have any yet, but boy when we get it she will be one excited happy yellow wolf. She and Duncan would have the best of times.

David said...

It will be 70 degrees in Illinois tomorrow! Didn't you used to live here?

Miley said...

Duncan, it is your duty to get dad into that snow!!!! I finally convinced my mom to get snow boots...she has yet to step into the snow with me!!! Guess that's what my little sisters are for!!! Good luck!!

lotsa licks,

Sam said...

Scary snow... I don't know what Sam would do in it... I'd probably have to carry him!