Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snow Day

It started yesterday morning and hasn't stopped yet.

Having been forced to drive in it twice, I was less than thrilled, but Duncan... well, Duncan could care less. Sure his poor tender feet get packed with ice and his long hair collects dense clumps of snow which require a quick rinse in the tub (which he hates but endures because he loves to be toweled off). For him the snow is pure, effervescent rapture.

This morning's snow is deep and wet and difficult to get through, and rises above his shoulders, and yet it doesn't slow him down. His mouth hangs open and he gulps down enormous quantities of the stuff, breathing it back out in heavy clouds and driving it forward by the force of his joy. He is unstoppable, as a squirrel learned this morning when he plowed through a drift and sent it scampering up someone's screen door to avoid being caught.

And when we're not outside he curls up next to me on the arm of the couch, just as the cats taught him when he was a pup. He sits stoically and watches me and makes sure I notice him looking glum and dour and miserable because we're not outside playing in his snow.


Marty said...

I am so happy for Duncan and so thankful it's you and not me having to deal with that snow! But, I'm really glad Duncan is having fun! There was a HUGE HAWK--biggest hawk I've ever seen in my life perched on the privacy fence a little while ago. Dakota wanted to come in the house. She's peeking out the sliding glass doors to check if he's still there. I tried to take a picture of him, but he spied me and flew away.

Miley said...

Give it time, Duncan and maybe dad will come around. You looked like you had a great time playing in that snow!!! Love the last pic, very cute!!

lotsa licks,

Traci said...

You have a wonderful laugh.

Jyoti said...

I'd better not show this to Ruby! We only got a sprinkling of corn snow that didn't even settle. Duncan looks so joyful, and then so very glum. Mean Dad, not staying out in the snow with him all day!

Ben said...

Duncan - tht looks like so much fun. But I am betting I won't have that kind of fun with snow because I think my momma distastes snow more than your Dad.

Scout 'n Freyja said...

We yike da snow furry mucho but our momma has said that it can wait fur a while yet so guess we will wait. Yours looks mighty fine☺

Lori said...

Oh. That. Face! Both the happy-snow-play face and the grumpy why-are-we-in-here one! My dogs would be thrilled with all the white stuff, too... we seldom get it that deep here.

Sam said...

I need to travel to Denver in two weeks - now I am very afraid! We don't get snow down here in Arizona. I may need to ask you what to pack... I don't think shorts will work!