Wednesday, December 10, 2008


At the end of a long and unfair day, when the sky and snow had turned a satisfying shade of purple while the sun still glowed brilliant orange around the darkened silhouette of the trees, Duncan and I stumbled across the street to the park to romp in the snow. It was a chore getting there, and more than once while I pulled on a second pair of extra thick socks and laced up my heavy boots, while Duncan danced around me, bouncing and whining in that sing-songy bird-like way of his, I said aloud, "God, I hate winter." But once we were there, once Duncan began running in wide laps around me, his mouth down low, jaws open wide to scoop up the wake of snow he pushed before him, the residue of the day was gone and there was no place more perfect for me. I indulged him and kicked the pink tinged snow, which shattered in heavy chunks rather than dusting up in the crystalline powder he prefers. I chased him, let him grab my gloved hand in his mouth and pull me along at an absurd pace considering the size and weight of the boots with which I am only just beginning to get reacquainted. And he indulged me, laying for long quiet moments, his face turned to the sunset, the fine line at the edge of his fur glowing magnificent gold while Orion climbed the night and the world faded purple and blue around us, the perfect antidote to this day.




Lori said...

Isn't it nice to know that no matter how bad a day is, you get to come home to such innocent joy? It helps me every day. Last night, instead of lying on the Sofur beside me, Darwin chose to be on the floor leaning against the front of it, his head lifted, chin resting on the cushion just enough that I could keep one hand on the top of his head. He's getting more like that, wanting me to keep a hand on him as much as possible... just like Ripley did.

Curt Rogers said...

Duncan needs to touch, too. When I lay on the couch or in bed he curls up in the nook behind my knees and rests his chin on my calf. And when that gets to be too much for him he'll be sure one paw is always resting on some part of my body.

caboval said...

OMG I love the videos. I can tell how he is such a joy in your life! I love the way you kick the snow for him to catch! Could you just do that for hours? Seems as though he loves it!
Hugs Valerie Joey and Kealani

caboval said...

Oh! I forgot to tell you, I was somewhere the other day, cant remember, But I had looked down and saw a feather! I though hmm thats a weird place for a feather. I wish I would have picked it up for you :) But I thought about you and smiled

CJ said...

Love the pic and video. He loves the snow. Finally lgot my Sable the training colar that I have seen on Duncan. She is so so much more easy to handle now. I should have gotten it years ago. Now I need the "furminator"? for Lucy.