Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Don't Vote

Don't watch this video, packed full of film, television and music stars. And whatever you do, don't vote. And when it's over and you have the option on clicking "embed" or copying the link, don't post it on your own blog or send it to five people. Don't do anything. Whatever you do, don't do anything. Except maybe look into the faces of our children who can't compete academically. Or the faces of people whose lives have been ruined because they got sick and our government refuses to see health care as a right instead of a privilege. Or hold the hands women who were denied the right to choose. Or watch as the ice caps melt and the polar bears have to eat each other just to stay alive. Or witness our economy collapse right before our very eyes. Don't vote, but do those other things and come back and tell the rest of us how you feel. Duncan says so.

And don't forget to watch the VP debate Thursday night! Not only is it important but I have a feeling it will be entertaining and infuriating all at once!


Sue said...

That video was excellent, excellent, excellent!

Marty said...

I vote in every election. It feels good. If feels right. And, this year that vote feels like I am putting my one little voice into attempting to save the world--children everywhere, gay people, straight people, old people, people everywhere in every country, wolves, polar bears, sea creatures, my grandsons, you, Duncan---every single living thing that I care about or will ever care about. If there must be a war, let it be a war to save this entire world. That's what this election is about. Never has there been an election that mattered more than this one.


Charlie said...

Good job, Curt & Duncan!