Saturday, May 24, 2008

Roiled Sky

From sunshine to snow to tornadoes, the week in weather has certainly been interesting. Today could not decide quite what it wanted to be. Our first walk of the morning was bright and clear if only a little brisk with a taste of sun still to come. By afternoon the sky has turned ragged, the wind had picked up and because the temperatures dropped I closed all the windows and settled on the couch with a blanket. By evening, though, when we took out last walk, our sunset walk, it had warmed back up and the as the clouds pulled away the sky did amazing tricks for us. We settled on the hillside in The Glen, Duncan and I laying on our backs, the grass cool against my neck and bare feet, watching our small patch of sky roil past. When the fading sun caught the top of the clouds and illuminated them in gold against a pink background of churning vapor, we hurried to the park where we stood on the hillside overlooking the lake and watched the sky change minute to minute. Even Duncan seemed transfixed by the endless shifting and the warm wind that caught in his red ears and tail. It was amazing to see.

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Traci said...

Wow! Look at those clouds. Great photos.