Monday, May 5, 2008

Foot Therapy

This is what you do when your feet hurt after a long day of standing on them at work. No matter how badly you think this is the night you can skip walking the dog and settle for a quick lap around the yard, no matter how angry and how vocal your feet are, ignore them. Leash the dog, put on a nice pair of flip flops or something that can easily be kicked free. Take him to the park where the kickball league is apparently celebrating Olivia Newton-John 80's aerobic costume night (I haven't seen this many pairs of extremely short shorts on men since last year's Gay Pride parade!). Kick the flip flops off (back in the day we used to call them "thongs," but I fear using that term as it now means something entirely different!) and bathe your toes in the long tall grass. It'll feel cool at first, and if it's slightly damp from a light afternoon sprinkle, it'll be even better, like sitting with a pack of frozen peas or corn on them. The grass will tickle and soothe as only fresh Spring grass can. It'll be the best therapy you can find.

How pleasant to be a dog in the Spring and tromp the fields and puddles barefoot!

1 comment:

Charlie said...

... and then let Duncan lick your feet! Total therapy.
- Charlie