Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Day's Gold

It was a gray day, gray and cloud-heavy, cold and wet. A September day, only it's April and that means that the grass is slowly turning green and the days are growing longer. It means that the trees are beginning to bud and very soon my view of the mountains will be obscured behind all the leaves in Clement.

It was cold until just before sunset when suddenly the clouds pulled back from the west and sped away east, trapping the sun between their dissipating bodies and the mountains, creating my favorite kind of light, an intense focused gold that outlines the trees, their branches and boughs, the grass just beginning to stand up and the droplets of water that had collected on the surface of each blade. Walking in light like that is one of my favorite things, especially with Duncan, who basks in his pleasure like no creature I know. It did not matter what the day had been only what it had become, what it was at that moment. While I watched him he sat down on the sidewalk and turned his head into the sun. There was no hurry to get across the street and into the park. He was content where he was and his love of the light and warmth took precedence over the rest of it. So we sat, side by side, my arm over his shoulder, squinting into the last of the day's blue and all of the day's gold.

God, he is beautiful. Inside and out.


CJ said...

I can see that setting sun. Beautifully depicted.

duncan's internet friend said...

The kid is gorgeous. Majestic.

Lori said...

Know what I love to do? I enjoyed it most with my Ripley, but all golden-boys provide this particular joy... in the bright sunlight, or in that lovely gold light, get down close and really look at their fur in the sunshine. They're not just "gold." Ripley had red-gold and blond-gold and ruby-red and garnet and every shade of gold to red you could imagine. Absolutely beautiful.