Tuesday, April 8, 2008

All That

Spring is all around, at least for today. Tomorrow and the rest of the week are looking rather bleak (once again, look out dear friends in the Midwest), but today Spring was here, or rather, Colorado's version of it. The sky was gray but the air and sun were warm and as long as that wind that creeps down through the mountains kept quiet it was actually quite nice. All I needed was a sweatshirt and a light jacket, my sunglasses and a couple of poop bags (for Dunc, not myself) and I was good to go. Duncan just needed his leash and my pocket full of Grandma Lucy pumpkin treats (which I like to snack on as well).

We walked down near the lake and even though the trees are still quite bare, and the reeds along the shore rather yellow, the ducks were guarding their nests, the gulls were singing songs to one another and the gnats were out in full force. We passed through clouds of the things along the trail and each time I squeezed my lips closed and felt them brush against my cheeks and neck like fine, silky feathers caught in the air. Even the other walkers seemed caught up in Spring, holding hands, leaning into one another, lowering their voices to whisper sweet things to each other. I couldn't help but smile at them. "She got flowers and she wouldn't tell us who they were from," one Juicy Bun said to another as they marched past us in their velour track suits, ponytails bouncing behind them. "I can't fight this feeling any longer," sang our roller-blading priest (I'm still not sure if he's an actual priest or just someone who enjoys dressing as one while enjoying the outdoors) over his ear buds. We haven't seen him for many months and I actually got at excited at his appearance. Then there were the random snippets of conversations I caught passing several teenagers. "She's hot, man! And her mom's fine, too!" Or the girl talking to her boyfriend as they strolled ahead of us, arms entwined (and I'm not making this up), "She said she'd never have a threesome. I mean, who does she think she is?!"

Yes, Spring is certainly here. I'm so lucky to have Ken and happy that when I walk with Duncan all I have to do is walk and snap the occasional picture. All that guarding and speaking and singing and roller-blading and Juicy-Bunning and... threesome-ing. It just seems a bit much. Give me some tulips, a Golden Retriever and a warm day I'm good to go!

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Charlie said...

"... and her mom's fine, too..." - that cracks me up!