Tuesday, October 2, 2007

This I Believe

So I'm crazy, right? I mean, who else but a crazy person would spend a portion of every night blogging about what he thinks and feels when he's walking his dog? (Let me tell you, though, I'm not half as crazy as the people who post blogs as if their dogs were writing them, or even the people who post comments on some blogs in the imagined baby voices of their pets. I'm extremely normal when compared to those people!)

I've wondered it myself. Why am I doing this? Why do I write about my time with Duncan? Why not just journal? Why spend my time writing this thing that only one, maybe two other people ever look at?

I'll tell you why. I do it because I believe in my dog. Ever since that horrible summer two years ago when I spent every waking moment thinking I was on the verge of a stroke, when Duncan was the only one who was physically there for me, I have believed in the power of my dog. He's led me back to good health and he continually leads me to a more peaceful frame of mind. What he's given me far outweighs what I've given him (okay, aside from The Yarn Debacle of 2006). I believe in my dog. It's that simple.

I'm a fan of podcasts, most of which come from National Public Radio. This afternoon I was listening to a podcast from This I Believe–which I've been listening to for a long time and have been trying to figure out what exactly I believe in–and discovered this man, David Buetow, who believes exactly as I do. I no longer need worry about what I believe in. This guy's done it for me.
Take a listen. You can read the transcript, but trust me, it's much better if you listen to it. And let me know what you think.


Kelly said...

Even without you telling me "think of me while you listen". I would have anyways. That is so you and very cool you stumbled across that.

Does he have a blog?

Curt Rogers said...

Thanks! It was amazing to hear him say all the words that felt like they were about to spill out of my mouth. Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for listening AND reading!

Red Dog Diary said...

You're right to believe in your dog...he will teach you things no human can:)

Nice blog & thanks for the link.