Saturday, October 13, 2007

Gray Day

It was a stay inside sort of day. A vacuum and dust and scrub the floors day. A rainy day with Miles Davis playing in the background while I waited for my tea to steep. It was a gray day, and not even all the exuberance of the football games going on across the street could convince me otherwise. It was not a Duncan Day. I stayed in my pajamas until almost 2:30 and wasn't the least bit bothered by it. After the apartment was clean, the curtains hung and the cookies made, Ken left for work and Duncan and I stepped outside only briefly to visit with Melissa and Kona who happened upon our backyard by accident. The dogs jump and spun and covered each other is slobber the way only old friends can while Melissa and I made awkward conversation.

"So, this is where you live," she mused.

"Yep. This is it," I said, half gesturing at my patio. I mean, what else was there to say about it. It was Duncan's one big moment all day.

From avoiding the vacuum to hiding under the bed during the thunder and lightning storms he was destined to be miserable all day. He didn't even get a decent walk until late, between rain showers. Perhaps tomorrow we'll make it up to him.

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