Friday, September 14, 2007

A Port-a-Potty for Your Kingdom

And so Summerset is upon us.

If I hadn't taken Duncan for a walk last night, when the first two booths had appeared and the grass had been painted in orange grids, I would've been shocked at the changes which took place while I was at work today.

The whole park has been transformed. The long soccer fields are lined with tents and booths and trailers where corn and gyros and burgers will be cooked, where crafts will be sold, leaflets handed out. It's a county fair in my front yard.

The back side of Rebel Hill, between the lake and Columbine High School, has been transformed from a grassy slope surrounding the amphitheater into a maze of stages and aisles and rows of more tents and more booths. The edge of the lake has been marked out for the fishing derby. Already people are wandering around trying to sell their goods to the other people who are trying to sell their goods. Everywhere I looked were kids hawking glow sticks for the fireworks display, which may or may not occur tonight (it's cloudy and cold).

I was impressed with how much stuff they're going to cram into the park. Duncan was impressed by other things.

He didn't want to go home.

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