Saturday, September 22, 2007

Calling Autumn Out

Before our walk tonight I was talking with Kelly and she mentioned how happy she was it was finally Autumn. I've never been a fan, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I really am a fan. I'm a Summer person through and through, but just as a sad movie is okay every now and then, Autumn, too, can be pretty fun. I've done some of my best work when the leaves change and the nights get cool. There's that part of me–the part that actually enjoys feeling somber and lonely and very small–that gets a tremendous boner for this time of year. I get to trudge through piles of leaves clad in my best sweaters, my handsome dog at my side, our shoulder showing the weight of our melancholy and the somber lines on our faces shouting our depth of feeling to the world. No one will be able to mistake us for happy, carefree folk, no siree. I will wear Autumn on my sleeve, pinned to my bleeding heart.

These last few weeks of fire in the world will warm me enough to make it through yet another winter, where I'll be too busy keeping my feet dry and neck warm to feign any despair whatsoever. There's just no place for drama in Winter, unless you're out on the prairie herding cattle and fighting to survive. No one looks good in winter, so we might as well live it up in Autumn while we can. Nothing looks better on a person in Autumn than hunched shoulders, a creased brow and a burning heart.

Bring it on. Duncan and I are waiting.

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Kevi said...

The "boner" was a bit much! I too love Autumn. I am immersed in Cowboy Junkies right now.