Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Murder and Mayhem

(AP, Littleton, Colorado)

Terror has returned to this small community once again.

Shortly after dawn this morning, Mayor Curt awoke to find one of its long term residents, Frog, brutally disfigured and disemboweled in the living room. Rogers alerted authorities but after viewing the crime scene, none seemed optimistic about solving the crime.

"It's no wonder," Rogers was quoted as saying. "Two years ago Percy the Penguin suffered a similar fate , being ripped limb from limb. The poor soul never recovered and has been in intensive care ever since." Bah-Bah, our pacifist sheep, was pushed from a balcony and found dead the next morning. Authorities have long suspected that Bah-Bah was pushed as a means of silencing him before he could reveal the identity of Percy's atacker.

Clues to these crimes have been scarce, as Officer Bobster the Lobster, chief detective on the scene reported. "Whoever is committing these atrocities is doing them under cover of darkness while the locals are asleep. No eyewitnesses, no fingerprints, no nuthin'."

The only link between the three victims is their good friend and trusted playmate, Duncan "Roo" Rogers, who claims to have been in bed asleep at the time of the murder. A source close to Mr. Roo says he is beside himself with grief and is too shocked to leave bed and make a statement at this time.

Whether or not Duncan "Roo" is a suspect, Officer Bobster will not say. Rather, he and other members of the police force urge anyone with any information to come forward.


Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the Bah-Bah story when you wrote it way back when. "Bah-Bah, legless, deaf and helpless". Classic!! Don't answer any questions till you get a lawyer Roo.

David said...

I've never trusted Mayor Curt.

Shifty eyes.

Finn said...

Get a lawyer Roo. Sounds like a shifty place where you've been stayin'!

Marie said...

Roo, don't forget, you are innocent until proven guilty. Although the crime of de-stuffing toys has a punishment of 2 years in prison or a $10,000 fine, I'm sure it wasn't you. I bet it was the cat.