Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rainbow Maker

On crisp Spring mornings––and this one was a very crisp, clear 29˚!––when the world is still very quiet except for the birds and soft footfalls of the occasional jogger, I love to take Duncan to the park to throw the ball. The sprinklers run early in the mornings and sometimes if we're very lucky ten or fifteen of them will be running at one of the park while we play at the other. At those times the entire western edge of the soccer field will be painted in rainbows that dance as the water chika-chika-chiks back and forth. Even when there are no sprinklers the grass is wet and sparkles like diamonds and when the ball slices through the air and comes down with a wet thud, spraying water up in a clean, shimmering arc it sometimes creates its own rainbow, which Roo is more than happy to chase after. It's never there for him when he arrives but there are countless more waiting each time the ball is thrown.

(Notice that when I ask Dunc if he's ready he nods and smiles. Few things make me happier than my dog.)


GOOSE said...

Love the nod and smile.

Finn said...

Oh yes, he is ready. Perfect morning!