Sunday, January 22, 2012

An Evening Interrupted

It was a Saturday night bath like any good Saturday night bath: a steaming hot tub, a tall glass of ice water sitting nearby, beads of water sweating down its sides, a good book on the Kindle and nowhere to go. The cats usually hover around the edge, staring down at the water and me relaxing in it as though perplexed as to why I'd do such a silly thing, occasionally dipping a curious paw into my glass or battling at the water with quick, furious jabs, but last night they were absent, leaving me in peace. I hadn't been in very long before I decided to put the Kindle down and close my eyes to listen to the soft drip of the water from the faucet. The serenity was shattered quite unexpectedly by the poke of a cold nose against my temple, a great heave immediately followed by a splash and Duncan's sudden appearance in the middle of my relaxing soak. His wet tail slapped me in the face as he turned around to face me and give me a quick lick on the nose, his eyes bright and wide, a smile on his face as he stood right on top of me in the belly deep water.

It was all the signal I needed, so first thing this morning Roo got a bath all to himself, with me helping with the scrubbing and rinsing and toweling while Ken snapped a few blurry pictures of the now sorry-looking dog. He truly doesn't mind the tub, despite the woeful look on his face. After a walk in the snow he typically marches straight to the bathroom and climbs in the tub so I can rinse the ice that's been embedded out from under the pads of his feet. And nothing beats a good toweling off as he stretches and moans and pushes himself against me. He is not a dog who dislikes a bath.

Maybe he'll think twice next time about sending such a clear message, though.


Berts Blog said...

That sounded pretty relaxing right up to the moment Duncan jumped in with you.

Then it reminded me how happy I am that all I have is a shower.....

The way that Bert loves water, I fear I would never get the tub to myself.

Finn said...

Finn pops her head into the tub from time to time too. Hope next week the barytone is uninterrupted! Sounds like it would have been nice up until the wet tail whacked you!

GOOSE said...

BOL! Now I never jumped in the tub with MOM, although it might be fun. heheh. But I do lay next to the tub when she showers or bathes.

Marie said...

This made me laugh out loud. What a funny guy! Isn't it hilarious how ashamed and pathetic they look after a bath? Rudy loves it, too though. After he's clean, he prances around like a king. I'm sure he and Duncan would be best friends.

By the way, yesterday, Rudy interruped thousands of geese having a snack. It reminded me of Duncan. :)

Berts Blog said...


is the link to music by the artist on my video this week. Her name is Victoris Williams.

You seriously have to have a taste for her music. There are truely some good ones. But oh my there are a lot of goofy ones.

Bert's My Vickie

charlene straw said...

ahhh bathtime duncan :)