Thursday, December 1, 2011


Snow is not an easy thing to forgive but the sweetness of December somehow makes it possible. Snow is supposed to fall in December and for that reason––coupled with the fact that I was able to work from home today and didn't have to drive on it––I was able to enjoy it.

A child of late Spring and Summer, it is difficult for me to find the beauty in a snowfall and were it not for Duncan I would have missed that beauty for the last seven years. Before he came into my life I tended to hunker down tight during the long, cold, dark months, venturing out only when I needed to, almost never for the enjoyment of it. I am not a skier, I do not snowshoe, sledding is something I haven't done since my college days, and it has been many years since I last built a snowman. But with Duncan at my side, ushering in the holiday season by walking through the snow has become a marvelous thing, full of discovery and delight.

Vickie, my friend at Four-Legged Views, issued a challenge recently in which she asked her readers to take a picture every forty feet of their walk. I do this quite often without the challenge but it was nicely timed with the first snow of December and I wouldn't mind sharing parts of that walk with you.

And for Ken, who had to work this morning and wasn't able to join us on our walk, the last leaves of his favorite bush, red like kisses melting through the snow.

It will be a good December as long as I have my dog, my cats and Ken at my side throughout it. I could ask for nothing more to keep me warm.


Berts Blog said...

We loved the pictures from your challeng walk but have to say, the one you took for Ken is our favorite. It is so full of color. It so representative of the ending of a beautiful season and the start of another.

We hear you have been dealing with the Santa Annas too, only you seem to have made more of it than My Vickie did.

She just complained about how cold she was all day. Biting winds, downed trees, rolled over semi's, no power.

And yet, after reading your blog....we all feel a little bit better.


Finn said...

Those are some wonderful pictures, and what a beautiful morning. As long as you have your family by your side, everything is right with the world!

GOOSE said...

WOW those are some incredible photos and words. It brighten our evening.
Blessings to you and your family.