Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This Face

It was a very long day at work and by noon I was already thinking about how I wanted to spend my evening: sipping a Guinness a friend left in my fridge a few weeks ago, making pesto chicken salad sandwiches on a nice Jewish rye, perhaps putting some final touches on the forthcoming road trip video and, of course, walking with Roo as the afternoon clouds scattered and the sun bid us all a pleasant evening as it climbed under the covers of the mountains in the west while the crickets in the hedges began their lullaby.

This is the face that watches me leave in the morning and the face I get to come home to. Despite being exhausted and hungry, I couldn't ask for more.


Lori said...

Love that face! LOVE! :-)

Miguel said...

Who could ever resist that smile???

Finn said...

That is a great smile! I wouldn't be able to resist!