Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Full Day

Today was a good day, an adventurous day free of work, full and long, the kind of day that ensures a good sleep at the end of it. Mom and Kevin arrived this morning and after being greeted by an ecstatic dancing Duncan, a big sushi lunch, a day of grocery shopping and running errands, of making a ginger-infused-custard pumpkin pie and brining the turkey, playing with Duncan in the frigid temperatures currently holding steady outside the warm walls of my apartment, I am ready to put on my PJs, pull the blanket over me and have nice spice-scented Thanksgiving Eve dreams, my good dog snoring at my feet and one or two, or even three cats curled up like warm little balls of dough around me.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and tonight, as I look forward to a day of cooking, playing Guitar Hero and eating dinner with Mom and Kevin, I am more thankful than ever to have a quiet life and such a wonderful and supportive family.

Good dog dreams!


David said...

As a vegetarian, I feel very left out of the "brining" craze, so have decided to brine the pumpkin pie this year. A new tradition is born!
Happy Thanksgiving to all two and four-leggers!

Traci said...

Have a wonderful visit and Thanksgiving! I am thankful for the woman who raised such a wonderful man who I am proud to call my friend.