Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Great and Lovely Weight

After the Sunday chores were finished, after playing with Roo down at The Glen, after my lunch and a tiny bowl of vanilla ice cream topped with a couple of hearty spoonfuls of Nutella, it was time for an afternoon nap on the couch. Duncan curled up at my feet but quickly relocated to the floor where I could rest one hand on his rib cage. I dozed and dreamed of a warm bed, covered in heavy blankets but then the dream turned––as dreams do––and I felt as though a great weight was pressing down on my chest, slowly pushing the air out of me, compressing my body the way a bug must feel when a foot pushes down on it from above. I startled awake, gulping for air, and was met with Pip's cold nose touching my lips, a reassuring tap as though to say "It was just a dream." I blinked awake and understood immediately where the dream had come from.

Just another day in the life of this papa. Great and lovely.


Marianne said...

That sounds like a perfectly heavenly Sunday afternoon:

Lucy's Human

Adrienne said...

I wish my cats would do that! The best I ever get is Charlemagne curling up behind my knees or on my feet. Godiva? Sometimes she wanders by and rubs against me, purring, then runs off suddenly as if she's sure I'm about to eat her.

Good thing my kids are snugglers!

Nik said...

Um, dude. How many cats do you HAVE??!! I originally thought there was only Duncan and one cat.

That's a cute picture.