Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Today Sue at Random Ramblings tagged me to name seven things I love (she thought it would make me feel better and already my heart is a little warmer). Thanks for thinking of me, Sue!

In no particular order, here are seven things I love (not most, just love):
  • Obviously I love my family, especially the memories we have shared, from my mother removing her sunglasses and handing me a can of beer in order to retrieve our dog Skeeter from the murky depths of the Blackfoot Reservoir, to Casey singing songs we made up while riding in our camper on weekend getaways when we were young. I love Kevin's laugh and his dislike for mushrooms and chocolate.
  • My kids, Winnie, Pip, Olive, and, of course, Duncan.
  • Idaho in the early summer, when the mountains are still green and the smell of sage and Russian Olive trees rise up all around.
  • I love my best friends in the whole world: Ruth, who spends her time super-heroing with me in our off-hours; Kevi, whose stories of food poisoning in foreign locations remind me to never take myself too seriously; David, for being my Jewish mama; Jen, for being able to harmonize to anything, including a fart; and Kelly, my "Good Friend."
  • My Illinois restaurants, The Hoagie Hut in Highwood, where it's best to order a cheese-steak, bacon hoagie and a medium root beer, and Salutos, where everything is good, especially the salad.
  • The magic of words, making my own, as well as those of others, such as Tom Spanbauer, Mary Oliver, Tim Muskat, Phil Simmons, Michael Cunningham, Jonathan Franzen, Michael Chabon, Geoffrey Eugenides and John Irving.
  • Ken, with all my heart.
And because seven is simply too small a number I've also thrown in some random loves: peanut sauce, new socks, clean sheets, Orion and Venus, tres leches, butterflies and dragonflies, the music of Patty Griffin, the quiet moment of darkness before the sun rises when all the world is holding its breath, Egg Foo Yung, the Grand Canyon, riding my bike down a hill in the sunshine, a brand new pack of Sharpie markers, how much Duncan loves Brady, writing about, campaigning door to door and voting for Barack Obama, the French Quarter, Devil's Tower, Miss Katie's Diner in Milwaukee, acupuncture, and more things than I could name.

And now to pick seven other blogs to tag. You know the drill: once you've been tagged you have to pass it along to seven others.

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Thank you, Sue, for including me and making me think of the things I love most. It's easy to forget when life does that thing it occasionally does.


Lori said...

Such diverse "loves", from huge and all-encompassing to small - but equally beautiful. I'll give some thought, but know my "7" will be less deep and more trivial. The scope of my brain seems to have shrunk in recent days. Or years.

casey said...

What would ya do with a firecracker up your butt?!

Curt Rogers said...

Yep, that's the song. But remember, we were something like 10 and 7 at the time!

Anonymous said...

my ya'.

Cheryl said...

JEEESH! I tell people what wonderful kids you are/were and then you tug the old memory cord and Wham down drops a "oh yeah, the song writing spree". I say spree because it was not a phase. Phases pass. But, you gotta love em.XO

Sue said...

Glad you took this little challenge, and I hope it gave you a couple of moments of fun.

CJ said...

Well I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. Always a joy Curt.

ruth said...

For as long as I draw breath, it will never go unnoticed that you have picked the Spandex out of your butt.

David said...

I wish I could harmonize to a fart...

Kevi said...

Egg Foo Yung!!! I never knew that.