Friday, January 2, 2009

Promise and Potential

Denver almost seems a foreign land since our return from Idaho earlier this week. Pocatello was drowning in snow and the road crews were unable to keep up with the accumulation, which, after being ignored for several days, made driving unpleasant. The roads were icy with deep ruts carved into them and getting anywhere--which normally only takes ten or fifteen minutes--became an almost monumental affair. Denver's roads are blessedly clear, though. In fact all of Denver is clear. You'd be hard-pressed to find snow anywhere except up in the mountains. Even the foothills are barren, their golden grass matted but still visible. The temperatures have been hovering in the low 60's all week, and even the nights are pleasant with warm breezes and clear, cloudless skies. We have walked and walked and played in the sun at the park and today I took Duncan down to Chatfield where he spent so much time swimming last summer. The ponds were iced over and I kept him well away from them, but he didn't seem to mind, running wildly among the trees and low bushes, playing chameleon in the long grass, a silly Golden grin spread wide across his face, warming my heart and holding tomorrow's cooler temperatures at bay if only a little longer.

Why anyone would share their lives with any dog other than a Golden Retriever is beyond me. There is no magic quite like it. With Duncan at my side this new year is full of promise and potential.


Sue said...

I just saw the forecast for Denver...brrrr! It looks like it's getting colder again.

Another gorgeous picture of Duncan. He reminds me of a thinner version of Jack. Same color, same grin.

I too wonder why anyone would share their lives with any other dog than a Golden. They are just special. Really, truly special.

Warm hugs from San Diego,
Jack, Jill, Kona, and Sue

David said...

The charms of Duncan are undeniable. How could I resist a dog who, upon first meeting me, took my wrist in his mouth and dragged me into the apartment to show me around? Must have been his upbringing... But I hope I will not be pilloried if I say that I felt equally as fond of the plain old mutts who have graced my life with their joyful and boundless devotion.

caboval said...

I believe my life started when I got my Golden Joey, I cant even remember the life I had before Joey. Gosh how did I live this long without him it baffles me! He has filled my hardened heart with soft mushy love I thought could never be! Now Im so thankful for every day I have to be with him and Kealani! Im so lucky!
Duncan looks so handsome in that picture! Im glad you are back safe! Happy New Year Curt! Hugs, Valerie Joey and Kealani

Cheryl said...

Gosh, Duncan looks like he's just been bathed and brushed. Oh my gosh, did you get a new brush? Looks like you used a "rake". Thanks again, Hero's Pets.

Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Haroo, Duncan!

We are Gus and Waldo. We found your blog through the Four Musketeers' site. You look just like Gus! It looks like you have a great daddee. We hope we can be your friends!

Gus and Waldo

Curt Rogers said...


Duncan does indeed seem to look a lot like Gus! Or is it the other way around? Either way, we're both blessed!

I hope you don't mind I've added you and your boys to my Dog Spot.

Thanks so much for finding us and taking the time to write! I hope we hear from you soon.


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